Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy weekend! Here's a little rundown of OUR weekend... and the days ahead!


YES. We did it. We are in the prestigious "Four Years" club. Yesterday we battled out the heat, the crowds, and the hours of listening to names to receive our diploma (or an empty leather holder) and a handshake from some old guy in a funny hat. 
Life goal: Accomplished.

2. We leave for Colorado for EDGE Summit TOMORROW!!! There we will meet a majority of our EDGE "class"- about 70 other young folks (with about 45 attending training in June for a total of about 115) who will be serving with the Navs all over the country! We will receive training on fund raising and all kinds of fun things [aka, we're not really sure what else yet, but we'll keep you updated!].

3. We are SO EXCITED!!! [Can you tell? :)]

4. YOU can be praying for us! How? Well let us tell ya!
  • Safe travel on the road for Monday and Tuesday
  • Team unity as 7 of us travel out together and for the 50 or so that will be out there all 10 days
  • That each of us would get all the addresses that we need and get everything in order for our training [Don't think we have your address, but want to be in the loop? Send us a Facebook message or e-mail, or comment here!]
  • That GOD would get all the glory as we learn more about Him and how to advance His Kingdom on campus

5. Keep following the blog and look forward to the launch of our Roadtrip Series! See ya in Colorado! :)

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