Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Truth Tuesday: It's Not About Me

God has uniquely made me.  I have a distinct personality, different likes & dislikes from others, different opinions, different ways of doing things and dreams for my life.  Sometimes I am get frustrated with who I was and who I am.

Why can’t I be like that?
Why can’t I do that?
Etc. Etc. Etc.

But God has made me the person I am for a reason.  Now, that doesn’t give me the excuse to be complacent.  I am the person God needs me to be right now, but He isn’t done with me.  Denying that puts doubt in His sovereignty and love for me. 

Lately, I have been realizing how much I think about myself, my situations, my feelings, peoples’ reactions to me…the list goes on. I was a little grossed out by that fact.  Even with the right intension of not being self-centered, I was wrapped up in me.  That’s the thing about intentions….they aren’t actions.  Actions actually require movement.

Okay so here is my point…finally, right?

I am going to meet people who are completely different than me: in convictions, God’s plans for our lives, and so much more, but I think we get stuck in worrying about the little things that we get away from the point….JESUS.  That’s all that really matters.  I need God’s strength everyday to walk away and remember it’s not about me! I don’t need to prove I am right and try to be good enough because thinking and doing all that still all comes back to me. I need an attitude check and eyes to see His action in my life. It's all about Him. I need His guidance to give up intentions and choose action.  Action resulting in obedience. 

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