Thursday, May 31, 2012

EDGE Summit: See ya next December!

Yesterday was the last day of our EDGE Summit and we are now sitting around the kitchen counter of HB's aunt and uncle's house in Denver, CO. The last week was exhausting and wonderful, with many great memories, LOTS of information [drinking out of a fire hydrant, anyone?], and the development of many amazing friendships! Here are some highlights of the last two days....

HB finally realized her life dream of seeing the famous big horn sheep at the Glen!
And KC got to cross spelunking off her bucket list! [Just kidding... it was just a crevasse at the Garden of the Gods]
Mary, our sassy [and AMAZING] support-raising coach.
Petah [aka Peter]... please notice the Texan belt buckle [it had an eagle on it] and the cowboy boots that are barely visible. "Yes, ma'am."
HB and new friends from all over! [Rolllll tide!]
Flo featuring KC. Deuces.
The whole gang.

Saying goodbye to all these wonderful new friends was hard, but really, we were just saying, "See ya next December!" Can't wait til Summit 2! 

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