Friday, May 25, 2012

EDGE Summit: The First Few Days

This has literally been a few of the coolest days of my life. Meeting people from all over the country. Hiking up to beautiful, clear waterfalls and pools. Eating every meal in a castle. Laughing until my side hurts. Listening to speakers who are mature in their faith and intimate in their walk with Jesus. Adventuring through Colorado Springs late at night to find some Vick's Vapor Rub. Continually joking about accents. Learning more about my Savior. Seriously, this is my job.

A group of girls from ALL over... Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and more! The two girls in the middle are rooming with KC and I.
At the waterfall.
At the Punch Bowls! Quite a hike, but SO worth it!
KC and a new friend jumping in.... 
It was COLD! [Or so I was told!] :)
Some of the guys helping each other up the slide between the "bowls."
 Overall, I am feeling SO BLESSED to be here right now! Not only is Colorado beautiful, the people amazing, and the food delicious, but Jesus is so present! I love how all of the sessions have been so gospel-centered and always coming back to Jesus. We have had tons of time to dig into scripture, and lots of time for relationship building as well. I just keep thinking "How can this be real?! Am I really here, experiencing all this cool stuff?" Everyone has been so welcoming, vulnerable, and loving... we really are feeling like a family after only 2 1/2 days here, and I am so excited to get to walk along these men and women for the next year or two!


  1. You might meet my friend Zan from Boston or my friend Adam from Iowa... they worked with me at Eagle Lake two summers ago!!

  2. I can't believe some of you JUMPED IN! Brrrr!
    Isn't that a fabulous hike?! Please tell me you went on it because I told you that you ought to. :P

    Ah, those late night adventures to find medicine ... I remember one special trip almost 21 years ago when I sent my brand-new husband out to find Nyquil - in the dark - on foot - in a strange neighborhood in south Boston!


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