Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Neighbor Series: Who is HB? [Part 3]

Who is HB?

For starters, I am forgiven and free! If I had to describe myself in one word it would be REDEEMED. When I think about where I've been and where I am, I am so incredibly thankful! 

My name is [Heather]
thanks to a teenage boy named Heath that my dad was friends with and helped on his paper route [the kid's, not my dad's]. My middle name is Leigh thanks to the fact that that is also the middle name of my grandpa and dad [both Lee]. I'm pretty sure my parents must have been hoping for a boy since both my first and middle name come from boys.

+ lions.
   Because they remind me of God- strong, powerful, and terrifying, but gentle and cuddly at the same time.
+ crafts/decorating/designing.
   Because they allow me to express myself creatively. Plus they're fun.
+ reading.
   Fiction, because it engages my imagination... one of my favorite things ever!
   Non-fiction, because I get to learn... another one of those favorites!

+ colors.
   Like KC, I also like mismatched colors. I recently [yesterday] discovered this in my art class when
   everyone but me thought two colors looked horrible together. However, I will allow all colors of socks on my feet!
+ shoes.
   They are good to wear! Especially when it's cold out. Also, shoes make the outfit. Sometimes I will pick out my outfit based on what shoes I will be wearing that day. Tis true!

+ people.
   Especially the hurting kind. I love motivating and encouraging people, helping them solve their problems, and seeing them grow in their relationship with Jesus. I also love helping women find their identity in Christ, discover what they are passionate about, and heal from their past so they can have a greater impact for God's Kingdom in the future.
+ teaching and learning.
   I want to learn more. And I want people to know the things I have learned. A whole new world opens up when you learn something new. I have found that so much of the difficulties I've encountered could have been avoided had I only known something. But hindsight is 20/20... which is why I want to share as much of my hindsight as I can with others.

  1. My parents currently live in Mongolia, but will be coming back this summer.
  2. If I could wear a neutral pair of jeans and a Hanes men's white v-neck undershirt everyday I would.
  3. My favorite thing to eat is sushi, or crab legs, because both are delicious and fun to eat! 

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