Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Neighbor Series: What in the world is EDGE Corps? [Part 1]

We figured since we're new on the block, we'd do some introducing of ourselves. First off though, KC and I realize that we threw around some words that may be a bit foreign to you in our first post. Edge Corps. Yep.

First things first: pronunciation.
Edge Corps: ej kohr. 
Hmm.... I feel like that just made it way more confusing than necessary. Just think Edge Core. So basically ignore the p and the s. You get the picture.

Moving on... Edge Corps is a one to two year program for recent college grads to impact college students for His Kingdom. It equips and sends out people like KC and I onto college campuses to show people the love of Jesus. Pretty cool, huh?

How exactly will we be doing that, you ask? Just to name a few ways... discipling women, leading Bible studies, planning events, attending meetings, helping put on Nav Nites, doing intern-like work [coffee and donuts anyone? :)], and learning, growing, and being trained.

We just got back from our very FIRST Edge Corps experience this past weekend; a staff training/retreat that we got to take part in... so great! We are so blessed to get to work so closely with such godly men and women! [More coming soon on what we learned there, sneak peak: hermeneutics and spiritual gifts!] In just over a month we'll be headed out to Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs for our 10 day training... then it's on to a summer of fund raising.

Welcome to the next two years of our life! 

Why, yes! This is where we'll get to hang out for a bit this summer! :)

[If you would like to learn more in depth about Edge Corps, click here.]


  1. I want to visit the mansion in Colorado!

    Thanks for clarifying the pronunciation. I can't read the word...because I'm phonetic...and it makes me frantic to speak phonetically when it's not truly phonetic!

  2. Nice primer on pronouncing corps. It took me a long time (into adulthood) to learn that the "ps" was silent on that word. And I once embarrassed myself in front of a bunch of friends by referring to a meal entree as the selection of "entries."

    You will have such a great time staying at Glen Eyrie! We toured the castle and grounds years ago, and we have hiked there a couple times (ask for directions up to the waterfall - it's a hike we did with our kids when they were small, so it's easy). I also attended a retreat there once, and a wedding (of a college friend of mine who was in Edge Corps, and grew up in your dad's home town -- so many connections!)

    Let's do a discipleship/donut date when you're visiting here, okay? Just all us girls!


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