Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hi. My name is______.

We are two [almost] college grads, starting out on a grand adventure! Our job is just to sit at Jesus' feet and obey Him. [However, our more official title is going on staff with Edge Corps through the Navigators!] 

So one day HB [Heather Leigh] looked at KC [Casey Lee] and said- "Hey! Let's start a blog! We're gonna have all kinds of crazy cool stuff to blog about now that we are starting our real lives!" [That was the gist of it anyhow!]

And out of that, "Things That Make Us Tick" was born. God has been blessing us like crazy; putting us together on the same campus, giving us the same heart for ministry, and even giving us a couple of the same interests to boot! [Not to mention our awesome (semi)matching middle names!]

Things That Make Us Tick is all about just that- what we are passionate about, interested in, and gifted for. We will be recording the journey of our next year or two with the Navigators and maybe throwing in some sweet DIY, inspiration, and more [lucky you!] :)

Here you will find the collision of two passionate, broken women, alive and made new in Christ. We will strive to speak the truth in love, and our hope is that through this blog you will be encouraged, inspired, and drawn ever closer to the feet of our savior.


  1. I will follow you! It will be great to see how God uses you as you sit at the feet of Jesus!

  2. Thanks for endeavoring to encourage others through your blog! I will look forward to reading every single post!


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