Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Far Better Things Ahead


It's such an even number. Nice, even. Hmm.... I think I can stand it for 364 1/2 more days. :)

I started my current journal exactly one year ago today. And as I look through it I remember. The learning, the growing, the laughing, the crying. I remember when I thought the pain would never end, I remember when I wanted to jump over the moon for joy. I remember thinking life shouldn't be this hard, I remember thinking how could life possibly be this beautiful? I remember loving so much it hurt, crying so hard I could scarcely breathe, smiling so big and long that I thought my cheeks would give out. I remember laughing til I cried, being speechless but never having enough words, going numb then feeling so big when the walls came down. I remember God bringing me to my knees in awe of Him, stopping me in my tracks with truth, and being relentless in His love for me. I remember seeing my story clearly for the first time, seeing my sin and my shame, and then seeing my beautiful savior who washes it all away. I remember passions being stirred in my soul that are still being stirred. And as I look back on this last year of my life, I remember all that God has given me, taken me through, and blessed me with. And I look forward to all that He has for me in this next year of life. And in another 364 1/2 days I will get to look back with thankfulness in my heart.

Lord, this year let me...

Of Godly womanhood.
Of the guitar.
Of culinary arts.
Of freelance design.

of the Word frequently.
of spiritually edifying books.
of novels and fiction.
of books of interest like No Stones and Boundaries.
of blogs that inspire and encourage.

of my living space.
of designs to help others.
of the book(s) I've been dreaming of.
of my own notebooks.
of art outside my safety zone.
of honest, thoughtful blog posts.

to the cities to visit the sisters.
to friday chapel at north central.
to colorado (EDGE summit and family vaca).
to a different state on a road trip.
to my hometown.
to IHOP.
roller skating.

who takes trips to quiet places to journal, reflect and pray.
who remains intentional with time.
who is willing to say no, but unafraid to say yes when called to.
who loves and feels deeply.

by committing to seeing dear ones regularly.
by staying active in my church.
by listening over speaking.
by praying for my friends weekly.
by praying for my future husband.

through memorizing Scripture.
through regular, committed tithing to my church.
through specific, weekly times set aside for prayer.
through giving of time, talents and things as opportunities arise.


  1. excellent goals for your 23rd year that lies ahead, just waiting for you to "be..."!

  2. Happy Birthday! I love your wording of how this last year has been worked on by God. He has been kneading you, letting you rise, kneading you some more, shaped you, put you in the heat, and now you're a fragrance to Him!

    I love you...have a happy evening! I'm looking forward to celebrating YOU in May!


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