Sunday, August 28, 2011


This morning at church was utterly refreshing. We had a time of praise as we studied Psalm 23 and then responded to God in worship. One of the songs we sang was "Greater" by New Life Worship. We've sang this song countless times before, and I even have it on a playlist on Grooveshark, but I've never really let it sink in until today. It's really quite  simple:

Find rest my soul
Confess you're weary
Surrender all
Embrace your healing

I will cast my cares
For You have always cared

You are greater
Greater than the fight
That rages for my life
I have found my rest is in
You are brighter
Breaking through the night
Lighting up my sight
I have seen my rest is in You

Find hope my soul
You know He's with you
My Savior God
Still I will praise You

His yoke is easy
His burden is light
I have decided
I'm gonna fix my eyes
On the perfecter the author of my faith
Jesus Christ

So simple, yet so profound. He IS greater. Greater than all my stress and worries and responsibilities at this busy time of the year. Greater than any of my fears. Greater than any of my mistakes and sins. But the thing that really hit me is the bridge. His yoke is easy. His burden is light. Do I really believe that? More and more I have been finding myself despairing. I have found myself giving into the stresses of life and getting overwhelmed. But as I sang out this morning, I am going to surrender all, embrace my healing, and cast my cares upon Him. I'm going to find rest and hope for my soul.  I have decided I'm going to fix my eyes on Him who is Greater.

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  1. Fred...Yes! My heart also resonates with these words. I too tire, worry, wonder, fret and wonder at times in doubt and unbelief.
    Jesus is good and His yoke is light for HE is on the other side of the yoke and HE is much bigger, carrying all, all the weight of the yoke, which so gently rests on me, barely touching my shoulders.
    Thanks for sharing from your heart...your NEW HEART, where our Father's will is hard wired into the mother board and the Spirit resides as both owner and lover and friend and enabler for every thing that is wired into your new heart and all that you long for and dream in His Presence...where everything is always good, OK, at rest and moving forward revealing Jesus' simple power over all and in all. I love you. dad


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