Friday, July 29, 2011

5 Things Friday- Things that have made this week awesome

Things that have made this week awesome

1. Garage sale-ing this morning and Savers last night- snagged some great deals!

2. Spending lots of time with VYC people.

3. Slumbie with my future roomie last night- spent lots of time planning out our room!

4. Looking forward to an AWESOME last night of the VYC summer series on Sunday (yeah, I know, technically not THIS week, but I have been looking forward to it!)

5. Making this weekly planner (I've decided the daily one is just too planned out). Here's one without the header.


  1. I want to hear about your great deals. And, I like your planner. It might become part of my life when I get back to Mongolia! Right now my plans are pretty relaxed!

  2. ooooo....I like like like your planner page. Maybe I'll bind together 52 of them and skip the $38 Franklin Covey planner pages in 2012. Oh, wait...I need the DAILY one! There aren't enough lines on your weekly one for me!


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