Friday, July 1, 2011

5 Things Friday- Decisions you can make to make-over your time.

Decisions you can make to make-over your time.

1. Unplug your cable cord.

2. When tempted to surf the internet mindlessly (Facebook, tv shows, etc.), find websites that bring you life. Research organizations or causes that you are interested in, or find a site with encouraging messages, videos, and articles. My fav is (online magazine and other resources from Leslie Ludy).

3. Wake up a little earlier to spend time with God to start off your day.

4. Choose to fill your brain with good books and conversations rather than staring at a computer/tv screen for hours.

5. Find ways to get yourself motivated. Maybe you're a list person. Maybe you need to be more active. Whatever gets you motivated to get things done and kills apathy, do it!


Where do you spend the best hours of your day?

What do you go to for rest, enjoyment, and pleasure?

Are there things in your life you can't imagine giving up?

1 comment:

  1. Heather! ThanKs!! :) I was just wondering what kind of things I was goin to do with the next 18 days before New Orleans!! Totally going to just make a list of things I have never done, but want to do...and I'll try to do them! :)


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