Thursday, June 9, 2011


So I don't know about you, but I'm weird. I have a different way of relating, a different way of learning, growing, and seeking than anyone else I know. Which is really exciting. Because it means I get to relate to, learn from, grow with, and seek God in a way that is entirely my own. I get to experiment with how I connect with God. How I hear from Him. How I respond in worship to Him.

It means I don't have to stick to a strict formula. I don't have to do x, y, and z for so many a minutes a day in order to grow closer to my God. I get to do what works for me, what draws me close to Him, what feeds my soul. I get to try on new and different approaches to relating to God, because honestly I have been following a formula for far to long. It means I get to make mistakes in the whole process, changing and adapting as I find the things that work for me. I get to let go of all my expectations that I have for my relationship with God and just explore.

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