Monday, June 27, 2011

Holy Counterculture

"Let's be a holy counterculture."

-Shane Claiborne

A counterculture is a cultural group that runs counter to those in the social mainstream. To those in the world. But living as a holy counterculture is a choice we have to make.

Being a part of a counterculture isn't an easy thing. We get ridiculed, questioned, and looked down upon. Our plans are seen as impractical. Because our plans are formed by a God who isn't limited by human practicality. We get to be divine troublemakers, just like Jesus. We fight for the poor, the hungry, the sick. We become a part of God's redemptive plan for the world. We do things because it's what we were made for. We find our identity in our Father. We remember who we are. We realize that our view of God is one of the most important things about us. So we search after that. We seek Christ with all we are. We are empowered to live a holy life because of God's grace. We live by the spirit by understanding who we are. By learning how God views us. We have discipline in the ordinary, day-to-day life so that we can have courage in the extraordinary days. We seek out God's dream for our lives. We ask God what He wants us to do, then we join Him on His mission.

Living as a holy counterculture is not normal. It's not our flesh's first desire. It's not easy when others aren't doing the same. But that's why it's a counterculture. That's what Jesus has called us to. It's a lot of obedience, but also a lot of intimacy. Intimacy with our Savior, our Creator. And when I remember that the God of Ages delights in me, oh it just becomes so much clearer. It becomes a relationship, a precious calling, rather than a bunch of rules. It becomes a privilege, not an obligation. It becomes my desire.

Let's be a holy counterculture.

[These are just some of the ideas I took away from Desperation Conference]

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