Friday, May 27, 2011

5 Things Friday- Things I want to do before I'm 25

Things I want to do before I'm 25

1. Make homemade sushi

2. Get a pixie haircut

3. Play on a worship team (learning guitar better would probably be a good idea for this one)

4. Roadtrip to IHOP

5. Be able to touch my toes from a standing position


  1. What's IHOP? We went to a graduation and one of the grad's plans was to attend the University of IHOP. Seriously? We thought: University of International House of Pancakes.

    So I'm not googling it...I'm leaving you this comment so you can laugh at me and inform me!

  2. and don't you mean you want to touch your toes from a bending over position? Because if you remain standing, you're going to have to grow some really long arms.

  3. Ohhh yes! But I think you know what I meant! I just didn't want people to think I couldn't touch my toes when I'm sitting down. ;)

  4. International House of Prayer- its in Kansas City and is a 24 hour prayer room... along with a university, internship, services, etc!

  5. Thanks for all the clarifications. We haven't talked in a while...this is as close as it gets! Great new blog, cutie!

  6. i'll go to IHOP with you!


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